Leilani Women's Black Bathing Suit 1 Piece Wrap Around Swimsuit Unique Swimwear

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Who doesn't love a great 1 piece black bathing suit. The color adds a slimming affect while naturally looking great on every skin tone. If you're a big fan of the black swimsuit, but just want to add a slight unique edge to your next piece of swimwear then try this wrap around swimsuit. It gives you everything you love about a black bathing suit with just a little more. That little more are attached fabric which you can wrap around yourself for a completely original and unique look. It's a must have swim suit! *Women's black 1 piece bathing suit *Adjustable shoulder straps with light removable padding - fully lined *Attached adjustable strips of fabric can be wrapped for a simply stunning look *Hang Tag: $92.00 *80% Nylon 20% Spandex