Cuffed TATAs Temporary Body Art Police Uniform Costume Accessory Xotic Eyes

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Temporary body art is HOT and completes any look. Easy to use do-it-yourself kit is REUSABLE and water resistant. MANY styles to choose from. Great for Dancers, Showgirls and Costumes, or an attention getting look at the club! INSTRUCTIONS: Peel off the pink backing. Use the clear front guide to place the stick on body art onto the skin. Rub over to make sure it has adhered. Hold down the corner of the art work and remove the clear film. Keep the pink backing and replace the stickers onto after wearing. Body art is reusable with spirit-gum. **This product was designed with a heavy stick for performers and water shows. When removed it will exfoliate your skin and remove spray tan. To lesson the "stick" you can lightly coat the skin in baby powder or lotion before applying. * INCLUDES: * One set of police badge TaTas. * Cuffed exotic eyes sold separately.