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 Micro Bikinis: Back in Style--Are You Ready?


Summer is here and it is time to hit the pool in a new hot bikini. Soak up the sun in a new sexy tiny bikini. Micro Bikinis are so sexy, stunning and small that tan lines will not even cross your mind. You have been cooped up all winter just waiting for the sun to come out. Now it’s time to step out and show your body off in a micro bikini.

Not so sure about the new trend of tiny bikinis? Remember how hot the tankini was when it first came out? Everyone was wearing them, and women around the world were happy to show a little less skin to hide their imperfections. As sad as I am to say it, those days are over. Ladies, we hope you have gotten your bodies ready for these super hot and smokin' bikinis, because tiny swimsuits are what is hot in junior swimsuits across pool sides. From Holiday Breaks trips to weekend trips to the cottage to extended vacations to exotic coastal beaches, triangle bikinis are making a serious comeback.

One good thing about the new trend in tiny swimsuits is that some of the higher-end manufacturers are coming out with reversible designs. When your bikini has mix and match capabilities, you are left with more room in your suitcase for other essential items - like more lingerie! Many reversible bikinis are a 4 in 1 combo, so not only does it save room in your suitcase, it leaves more money for a longer vacation! Although you will have spent less, it will appear as if you have a variety of shades and styles of sexy bikinis. Best of all? You can pick and choose your style each day of your trip!

The key to sporting super small styles of swimsuits is to look for wild colors and patterns. If you’re going to be wearing a itsy bitsy bikini, you might as well make sure it’s a sassy print, right? Metallic colors are also hot. Make sure to have a metallic silver sexy bikini that shimmers in the sun in your closet. The goal is to look stylish, stunning and to grab someone’s eye this year.

As for print design, make sure to keep an eye out for the Three Ps: polka dots, paisley and prints. As long as you go with one of those prints, you won’t look like you are wearing the same suit you did in 2003 (or, even worse, like you borrowed your mother’s bikini from 1985 - we’ve all seen those on the beach before!).

triangle bikinis can only be worn by those with the hottest bodies. So, we hope you have been hitting the gym for quite a while now. It doesn’t hurt to have a tan and a good wax as well! You want other beach bums to be looking at you for the RIGHT reasons, yes? Make sure to turn heads at the pool this season to attract a new summer fling--or to just get a few free drinks! Slip into a tiny swimsuit and look your sexiest!

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