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GoGo Boots have stood the test of time with their classic sex appeal, retro feel and comfort. With a low heel, anyone can dance the night away. Whether you are walking down memory lane or simply want a taste of retro, go go boots will inspire your look. By the 1970s, they became a bit more versatile and were also made in lace-up versions, which were more accommodating to varying calf sizes. Materials were either synthetic or natural, but the older varieties were constructed from plastic or multi-colored vinyl with the most popular color being white. Whether lime green or space silver was your favorite color, many go go boots were seen with liquid filled heels. Popular trends were gold fish in heels, floating stars or even black light reflective materials.

Before go-go boots became mainstream, women only wore boots during inclement weather or when indulging in rugged sports such as mountain climbing and horseback riding. The idea of boots as street shoes was unheard of at this point in time. In 1958, the first Whiskey a Go-Go American discotheque opened in Chicago on the corner of Rush and Chestnut Streets. Designer, André Courréges, is credited with being the originator of this new style of fashion footwear and the first pair he created were featured in his Fall 1964 “Moon Girl” collection. Whether or not you're a Moon Girl, you can step back or forward in time with this style of retro boots.

Designed to complement the shorter hemlines of the mini skirt, these boots drew attention to the legs and were extremely popular among the teenage set. Girl dancers on the TV shows, Hullabaloo and Shindig also wore the short, white boots, which were often called Hullabaloo, and Shindig Boots respectively. Nancy Sinatra’s hit, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (1966) and Jane Fonda’s Space Age boots in Barbarella (1968) helped to popularize this style of footwear.
Many versions of go-go boots are still worn today, although the term is used to describe any style knee-high boots worn with a dress or miniskirt regardless of heel height. They come in almost any color and fabric you can imagine. Find your desired style and color and a pair of retro boots just may become your favorite pair.

“Are you ready, boots? Keep walkin’…”

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