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Move Coverage With Sexy Boyshort Panties


Who said that sexy needs to equal revealing at all costs?

While thongs and g-strings certainly appeal a good size of the market, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Sexy can apply to a range of things which are not necessarily barely-there, bare-it-all items; sometimes, the rule “less is more”, applies inversely to underwear – instead of less fabric equaling to sexier, less revealing lingerie can be fuel for the soul and an excellent alternative to more extreme lingerie sets. Sexy panties are a must have for any woman. Boyshorts can be an excellent style for many and husbands, boyfriends, lovers, partners, spouses like them, too!

With boyshort panties, you will get both a sassy and flirty look while still having a sporty comfort. You will have full comfort while you walk, run or lounge. With this level of comfort, you will never want to wear a thong or g-string again! They hug your body figure perfectly, adapting to whatever your body shape is by underlining the plus point of your body and gracefully hiding the flaws you might have with discreetness and trendiness. Basically a dream for any woman!

The trick when choosing which boyshort panties type will suit your body shape and your needs best is to choose the right combination between fabric, pattern, color and style. If you want comfort and cuteness, try cotton or spandex with an added extra funky detail like strips of sheer fabric. If it is sexy you’re after, maybe for a special occasion, opt for a pair with a lace detail, or, even better, made with a sumptuous fabric like mesh, which feels sexy on the skin and looks amazing on anyone! For a romantic and sweet set, opt for light, pastel colors in the tones of pink, blue, green and lilac and dreamy added details like flowers or ribbons. If, instead, you really want to stun your partner, go with bold colors like black, crimson red and precious fabrics like silk or satin and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

All in all, boyshort panties are an extremely versatile type of lingerie which can be used for any occasion by anyone and are for any age and any body type!

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