The average woman will wear six different sized bras in her lifetime. Industry experts estimate that 75 to 80 percent of all women buy bras in the wrong size, which can be impacted by pregnancy, weight changes, and the inevitable effects of gravity.


1. First, assess your BAND SIZE: Measure directly underneath your bust. Add 5 inches to your measurement. For example, if you measure 33”, your band size is 38”.

2. Then, establish your BUST SIZE: Measure across your breasts at the fullest point.

3. Finally, calculate your CUP SIZE, which is BUST SIZE minus BAND SIZE. If the difference is up to 3 inches, you are a C cup. If the difference is 4 inches, you are a D cup, and if the difference is 5 inches, you are a DD cup. For example, if your bust size is 42” and your band size is 38”, you’re a D cup.

1. The band at the bottom of the bra should be firm but comfortable. You should be able to run a finger under the band. If you can’t do this, you need a larger size or a wider hook placement.

2. The back and front of the bra should be parallel to the floor or slightly lower in the back. The lower edge of the band should anchor between the shoulder blades. The lower the back fits, the more support you’re getting. If the back is riding up, you most likely need a smaller band size.

3. The center panel should lie flat against the breast bone, not gap away from the body. If the fit isn’t right here, your cup size could be too small, or the panel is not large enough to accommodate the separation between your breasts.

4. Underwires should lie flat against your rib cage, comfortably supporting your breasts without rubbing or digging into the soft tissue or your armpit. If the wires are uncomfortable or poke you, you probably need a larger size cup.

5. The bra should have a smooth outline, without bulging at the top or the sizes. The cups should not pucker or wrinkle. If there is puckering or wrinkling try a larger or smaller cup size. If the bra cuts uncomfortably across the top of the cup and creates a bump, try a larger size cup.

6. Beware of shoulder straps that dig into your shoulders. The weight of your breasts should be supported mainly with the band and the cups, not the shoulder straps. If your straps dig in, try a wider comfort strap.

7. Check your silhouette. For a silhouette of balanced proportions, the bust should be midway between the top of the shoulder and the bend of the elbow.
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